interview session with my self

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1) Introduce yourself (full name, hometown, age, hobbies, working experiences, practical experiences, strengths and weaknesses, etc.)

my full name Nordiana binti Nordin, but
my friends call me DAYAN . . u also cn call me DAYAN
im from batu caves, thats y i choose to work at
semua house. . . easy for me . .
(smiling again, show ur teeth)
im already 23 years old
(show ur mature face)
seriously i do not know what my hobby is..
if sleeping one of the hobby, so.. my hobby is sleeping..
(show ur small laughing)
sometimes i blogging, if i hv an idea what to share,
currently im working as graphic designer
at small premises . . i design for banner,
bunting , flyers and more . .

why i wanna quit is bcoz, im working almost 1 year
but my bos still not provide an epf or socso,
then.. my bos always giv late payment
usually in week 2, sometimes he gave juz half of my salary
and half after 1 week..
its hard for me because i hv a comitment
i need to settle all my bill, loans in early month

2) Why do you apply for customer service position?

to be honest, the salary offer make me want to apply
this position, and also  i want to try something

3) What do you understand about customer service?

provide an information to people. help to find a solution for people.
interact with people to sell product.

 saye bukan lah baik sangat, tapi saye tak lah jahat sangat, 
 sekadar nak meluah perasaan je.. bak kate tagline blog ak ni.. 
sukahati . layan jari . tengok hari . ikut stori 

dayan punyer


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