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by Isnin, Ogos 24, 2009 0 orang dah meluah perasaan
start working at cc area unikop. (omg, i study and working there!!) my shift at 8.30 am. but the cc start bz when afternoon coming. haha.. so many kids. age around 7-12 kot. huargh!! my head spinning. coz im not sleep yet from the last night. wuuu... tapi.. tugas tetap tugas.. hahaha~

what i want to tell is, i working with my sick stomach. waaa.. T-T. i dont know why la. but its really hurt and i need to be strong until my endshift.

lapar + angin = sakit perut giler.

luckily, my bos came early. she teach me how to balance and close the stock. bulan puase, stock mknn x luak la. hihi.. ^-^. but the money short about RM1.50. seb bek skit je. kalo byk.. tatau cmner.

mybe it bcoz soo many student print out the paper yesterday. careless in counting the print out paper i guest. mane x nye. sorang print smpai 30 ++. kire harga 5 paper la. T-T. punye la aku berhati2.. isk isk.. short jugak. mencik tol!

plus.. the kids play around me. ouh! tension seyh!!!! nak je aku sepak bebudak tuh. siap bley men gadoh². kang gadoh ngan aku, aku menang, org ckp riak plak. :P

oke la.. thats all for this mornink.

happy fasting!

nak sesiap pi keje plak. tata =^-^=

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