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by Selasa, Oktober 13, 2009 1 orang dah meluah perasaan

yesterday i got called from cyberjaya. i hv to attend an interview. huhu.. suppose i feel happy or what?? AMK Technology. anyone know bout this company?? i cant access the website.. so.. hw can i know bout this company..
tips.. i find a lot of tips about attend an interview. but.. my major problem is.. I CAN'T SPEAK!! wth.. even i hv a lot of questions to ask, i don't know why my lips can't move! huhu..

~i like a move it move it~
~i like a move it move it~
~u like a.. move it!!~

haha.. mengong!

seriously, im not nervous. i hv a confidence. but i still can't speak! its hard for me to open my mouth! haha.. what this really are??

lalalala.. gud luck for me. just go and there! hahahaha...

sooo speechless!

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eLmi berkata...

better you try to get info from some source about the company, it's never a good idea to go to an interview without knowing whut the company does or want from you.