. miss them .

by Ahad, April 25, 2010 0 orang dah meluah perasaan
new friends..
new life..
new environment..

wanna share my pic with my new friends at unisel bestari jaya.

hope u all enjoy see my pic.


actually, i really missed my best friends. they were my best friends before. but now, they juz friends i think. haha.. i don't know why, but people changed. they already found their new besties i guest. huhu.. i have one, but how long we can be a bestfriend, im not sure.. T_T.

i need bestfriend to share anything.
i need bestfriend to fulfill my life.
i need bestfriend to help me.
i need bestfriend to take care of me.
i need bestfriend to accompany me if i need someone.
i need bestfriend to gv an advice to me.
i need bestfriend to awake me from mistaken.

conclusion i need best friend for anything in my life.

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