new life -||

by Sabtu, Jun 27, 2009 0 orang dah meluah perasaan
ade briefing la today : at 10.15 a.m, pj.
my dad will sent me at there. but need to back by myself.
huh~ i hope.. my fat will lost after 2 month..
haha.. i need to walkin from apylon to lrt asia jaya.
mybe its take about 10 to 15 minutes walkin.. huhu
if from stamford college mybe its ok.. haha..
but.. i need sacrifice.. start a new life..
learn J2EE and working with MSC..
yeah.. new vision.. new mission.. learn.. learn..

try to be strong..
love not everything..
but life is something..
i need to care about..
my future.. my carrier.. life..

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